Belgian design furniture from Extremis

The partnership between Amalo and Extremis is a good match. For many years, Amalo has supplied fasteners for designer furniture. With an eye for precision and respect for aesthetics.

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"A fine finish and reliability are crucial elements of our furniture"

Goele - aankoper bij Extremis

Outdoor furniture with a strong look

The partnership between Amalo and Extremis goes back many years. Our CNC machines and experienced staff carefully turn the screws, bolts and handle of the Sol+Luna parasol, among others. There are 2 major reasons why this designer furniture manufacturer continues to choose us.

  • Reliable planning and spotless administration support the production flow.
  • Fine finishing adds to the strong aesthetic.

The pleasant cooperation with Extremis is a confirmation of our daily commitment to high quality and detailed workmanship. With perfect functionality and strong aesthetics as a result.