Wij zijn met vakantie van 20 juli tem 11 augustus 2024.

We zijn er terug met volle energie vanaf maandag 12 augustus.

Sustainable production

Amalo believes in sustainable production. For you as a customer, for our employees, and for nature. A clear waste policy, use of renewable energy and modern technologies shape our sustainable promise.

Powered by green energy

As an energy-intensive company, we clearly choose green energy. We partly provide our own energy with almost 100 solar panels of 35 kW. The additional electricity we purchase from the grid comes exclusively from green energy contracts. In this way, we are making our contribution

Managing and recycling waste streams

Minimising the residues from production and sorting and recycling them to the maximum extent possible. These are the main lines of our waste policy. The coolants from our production are collected by an authorised processor. The processor separates emulsion and oils for reuse in other applications.

Belgian production with European raw materials

The greenest miles are saved miles. By using only European raw materials, we reduce our transports and therefore our COemissions. A choice that also contributes to the high quality of our products.

Ventilation with heat recovery

Fresh air at all times and a pleasant temperature in the workshop. This is how we take care of our employees and your turned components. Our modern ventilation system with heat recovery works energy efficiently and creates a pleasant working environment. The constant temperature also contributes to the accurate dimensions of your components. There are only benefits.