Meet the new champion on our team

19 september 2022

When it comes to shaping your turned components in a smooth and accurate manner, we rely on a team of highly skilled employees. In Warre, we are adding a new member to our all-star team. The return of a familiar face, Warre’s passion for CNC turning had already brought him to us a while back as a seasonal summer recruit. His drive, decisive approach and great personality soon convinced us to hire him on a permanent basis.

Over the past few years, Amalo has recorded significant growth. As a result, having that extra pair of hands is now proving more welcome than ever. That is, provided they have the right skills, philosophy and a genuine interest, of course. Warre ticked all the boxes. Naturally, he started his first the right way, with a full and hearty breakfast. All the better to dive straight in and provide you with the best possible service!